Encaustic Glow Painting
12in by 12in by 1 1/2

By Melissa Sanchez

  • Free Shipping In Continental US

    I offer Free Shipping in the Continental United States.  I use 1 or 2 day  shipping depending on the time of year.  Encaustics are fragile and can be altered by heat.   For these reasons I package them very well and I like to ship them as fast as possible.  This helps  to ensure they arrive unharmed by heat or transport.  If you want to inquire about getting a painting shipped somewhere other than the Continental United States email me.  Then I will get you an accurate quote for shipping costs to your specific area. 

  • Sale Is Original Painting: Artist Keeps Copyright

    You are purchasing an original painting only.  The artist retains the copyright to the image of the painting.  The artist reserves all rights of reproduction, including without limitation all copyrights and trade dress rights, in the Artwork.  Purchaser may reproduce the Artwork only upon advance written permission from Artist in in each instance ( except for incidental noncommercial reproductions such as personal photographs of physical settings where the Artwork is displayed).  Artist signature and or copyright notice as they appear o the artwork at the time of sale shall not be removed or concealed.  Artist shall receive authorship credit in connection with the Artwork or any reproductions of the Artwork.  

  • Care Instructions

    Care Of Your Encaustic Painting:

    Encaustic Paintings are Fragile!

    My paintings are created using beeswax.  It is easy to make an imprestion on beeswax so handle with care.  Dropping or banging the painting may result in chipping or scratching.  Wax melts at 200 degrees and is altered when the temperature gets too hot.  This means when you choose to hang your painting make sure to put it in a place where direct heat will not be a factor.  This includes but not limited to things like... direct window light, heater vents, ovens & other heat sources like these.  Above average heat will melt the painting.  This is also true of leaving a painting in a hot car.  If you keep these things in consideration you have no danger of effecting the painting.  I take great care and speed when shipping my paintings to make sure that it arrives unaltered and in pristine condition.